I'm at the entry 

All silhouttes are mine
Rectangle box
Outfit Of The Exhibition

Exhibition: ''oksijen çarpması / intoxication''  by Halil Vurucuoğlu

Yesterday i went to a exhibition to see myself ! :)

The artist wanted to use me for his exhibition.Approximately 4 weeks ago he took my photos, drew them on and cut the papers with his special technics.After that he made a rectangle box with the papers which my silhouettes  are on, put some lights in the box and  reflected them to walls of gallery.There was one more project that my silhouttes were used in another saloon :)) Also he drew one of my picture with blue dress on the writing pad by cutting.It was standing at entry of the gallery saloon.
After the exhibition me and my friends went to the Taksim Midpoint to have dinner.
Yesterday was a super day, i enjoyed a lot !

This evening finally Aslı and me are going to The Cirque du Soleil.Now i gotta go, i will take Pamuk away to her vet and i should have some preparation for this evening.

Stay With Love ; Nazlı

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