similar styles to mine


Fur which is worn with colorful high waist skirt suits black socks and black oxford  shoes with my favourite hand bag Balenciaga, i like it.Stylish and fashionable.


 Fur looks beautiful with black high heeled boots and black tight, when hanging out i use my white fur with any black high heeled boots like her.

We can see the amazing harmony between black and white, it looks elegant and smart.

The sunglasses looks like my sun glasses which is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

The girl looks so simple but scarf, black vintage purse and black boots make the combination perfect.

I've wanted to share some styles similar to mine.

Furs, black tights, vintage purses, high heeled boots, all of them are beautiful :)
(I hope furs are imitation, I'm against to usage of animal fur)

Stay With Love ; Nazlı

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