From Topshop
From Topshop - i love the bottom
Favourite one is from Urban Outfitters
From Manoush
From Topshop
They are my bikinis which i will wear on the holiday. I love having too much bikini as every girl does ;) Nowadays almost every post is about bikini, it means summer is coming ! Hey i'm being happy while thinking of hot weather.

I bought most of them from Topshop when i was in London. I Also like my Urban Outfitters one, it seems very fashionable and stylish, doesn't it?  Red one from Manoush is to sunbathe, it cannot be used in the water. They have different patterns and shapes , i love them all !!! 

Tomorrow i need to go to hairdresser to have my nails manicured and to have my hair cut after my classes.It is gonna be tiring day. See you tomorrow :)

Stay With Love ; Nazlı

4 yorum:

  1. Manoush olan harika gerçekten=)

  2. hepsi coook guzel:) ozellikle kirmizi puantiyeliye bayildim:)

  3. çok teşekkür ederim :) bu yaz nedense çoğu puantiyeli oldu :) sevgiyle kalın.