Saturday Night we look alright we're going out

Good night everyone :))
As the title which i copied from a song of The Pierces says ''Saturday Night we look alright we're going out'' ,  HAHA i was outside in Nişantaşı with my friend Işık from my university. We had dinner at Hardal Cafe. I've just come home from there :)

On the morning, i and my mom decided to go to İstinye Park which is one of the biggest shopping centers and bought some clothes and cosmetics. It was a tiring -because a lot hours with high heels- and nice day. Thanks :)

Stay With Love ; Nazlı

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  1. ben de cuma aksamı ordaydım , bekarlığa veda yptık bir arkadasıma...
    sokağı gorunce cok sasırdım bu halini ilk defa goruyorum...

  2. you're very pretty and nice outfit!

  3. Aysuncum, çok hoş bi sokak olmuş son haliyle :)

    thanks a lot dear, Miss Starshiny :))