today's outfit

Wow ! I haven't posted almost for a week.I came back to İstanbul yesterday night. My trip to hometown was really good. I went to our apple garden and planned a picnic which i will invite my best friends after exams when we are off to the hometown.I noticed that i really missed my bedroom in the hometown. I will share its photos soon. I think you will like them :)  My final exams are about finish, ahhh finally :)

Today i went to my faculty to do my chemistry final exam, what you see above is my outfit.
I love my house decoration, the armchair where Pamuk sits down is second hand we had it painted and its fabric changed.On the other photo, i'm in my bedroom and in front of the second hand console table. I love love love second hand things !

Stay With Love ; Nazlı

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  1. nice outfit! I like your blouse but not second hand things.

  2. thank u Ivania :) i love your style !

  3. We love your t-shirt, it's so stylish

    Kisses from www.bpeinternational.blogspot.com


  4. resimler çok güzel!


  5. miladies, thank u my dears :)

    PD, teşekkür ederim :)) bi haftadır postlayamıyodum, aradan sonra bu fotograflar iyi oldu sanırım :)

  6. makyaj aynana bayıldım! fotoğraflar zaten şahane!


  7. I like your vanity corner and the armchair too. Your outfit is casual and elegant at the same time, i like marine stripes. And i like the black and white photos. If you love vanity corners like me, here is some inspiration. I am in the hunt of a good one for our new house in Florence.


  8. New York Lover :) antikacıdan alıp boyattım, bi tek pufu yoktu ona uygun bişey bulamadığım için makyaj aynamın henüz bi pufu yok ama gerçekten de her gören çok beğeniyo, beğendiğine sevindim canım, teşekkür ederim :))

  9. Aylin, i like wearing casual at same time elegant too :)) this was the first time that i uploaded photos black and white.i love vanity corners.i'm gonna look at your blog, i love your taste for furnitures :)) thank you for your comment and sending inspiration.