Life in London

What am I doing?
Today i bought 2 high heeled boots and a pair of shoes from Office which is very good brand in England and also yesterday one black maxi skirt from Topshop. I really look forward to showing you them but i don't have time to post with pics.Hope, i will be able to do it in the following days.

On saturday i went to Notting hill, Porto Bello Market and on sunday i visited my friend in Liverpool City,studying there who i met last year. I have beautiful pics to show you.Yesterday i caught my designer friend up and we had dinner together in Va Piano.We sat in Piccadilly Circus at night, weather was great and actually everything was great.Today after the school i and my friends went to Camden Town where gothic and rocker people hang out.Also as you know Amy Winehouse (r.i.p.) was living in Camden.For today's dinner i and my friends went to a Japanese restaurant and had Japanese food.

I have too many pics taken in nice places to post. Let me show you as soon as possible. Love you..

Stay With Love ; Nazlı

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