new in | vintage circle sunnies

Oh my goodness it's almost been a month since the last time i posted. So sorry for that :)
New babes-vintage circle sunnies look lovely, right?  It's to die for.

In addition to my dance lessons, i've started doing pilates + yoga 3 times a week or more ! Mmmm hot weather gives me energy to do lots of things at the same time.
My university classes will have finished  on 15th of June and after that it will be the time to take a SAILING holiday with my family at the beginning of July. Do you know the amazing bays of Turkey?
In stead of going to London this year, in the middle of July, my pretty Russian friend Elena will come to Istanbul for 15 days.

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  1. Cok yakismis, gule gule kullan : )

  2. Bu tarz gözlükler herkese gitmez ama senin kusursuz yüz hatlarına süper yakısmış ;)


  3. lila, çok teşekkürler canım :)

    swl, ayy çok tatlısın çok teşekkürler :)

  4. çok yakışmış:)

    ama gülümsemen gözlükten daha güzel bence :)) <3

  5. yoga is very goo choice.i love it.gives se so much energy xxxx great blog!!!!

  6. p.s and the shades of cours r so cool;)

  7. Hey, guzel qiz ;)

    You look awesome in this sunnies! I don't think they would suit me though(

  8. I like your glasses! love the pics!