in the cold light of morning live

Haha to be honest, if i hadn't edited them before, i wouldn't've posted.Today it's been quite boring of posting about the holiday. One more post in the evening,that's it! We girls were out yesterday so i'm late and tired today. I'd rather go out in weekdays than weekend. Btw, wanna share more outfit posts, i'm really getting excited and enthusiastic about that. Efes One Love Festival tickets are bought, Elena is coming in 2 days and so, ready to go !

Apparently, it seems that One Love Fest will be lively.Pulp,Kaise Chiefs,Damien Rice,Kimbra,Selah Sue,Yuck,Replikas,Elif Çağlar,Mira and Neyse will take the stage during the festival.

Right now planning in what to wear.

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