Autumn is a second spring

tshirt-Zara / skirt-Zara / trenchcoat-Tommy Hilfiger / booties-Nasty Gal

The outfit i wore yesterday while going out.The weather is so good nowadays,i still don't need to wear pantyhose or trousers.

I feel like an early bird, i woke to go to today's lectures'introduction to classical music'.Although i study engineering i love tackling classical music.It may help me return to my lovely piano which i haven't been playing for months.I've one more post prepared for today, see u in the evening !

3 yorum:

  1. mükemmel!
    bu kıyafet'i gösterseler sadece nazlı derdim yani o derece sen :)
    etege ayrı bayıldım <3

  2. ahaha çok tatlısın Ecemcim :) <3

    swl, teşekkürler :)