Oia Village

Santorini's Oia Village is just wooow ! I'm so glad to be able to see it one more time :) Oia is previously known as Apano Meria, located on top of a hill, at about 150 metres. Oia typifies the white-painted houses of the Cyclades, in many cases built directly into niches which are cave houses used by crew of the ships, on the lip of the volcanic crater, between which are narrow alleys and blue-roofed churches with cupolas.It's daily bread is wine and tourism.I bought five packages of sesame peanut as a gift to my friends, that has an amazing taste. I definitely advise you to try it at least once.

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  1. harika bir yer! fotograflar müthiş.


  2. ah nazlıı ! tam 10 gün sonra santoriniye gidicektik ama iptal etmek zorunda kaldık :(
    şimdi daha da içim gitti ,neyse artık seneye :)