Friday Night's + News

Yesterday i went to a exhibition called 'Pop Art Extended' where my painter friend's works are shown.
A lot of photos were taken yesterday but i haven't got them yet.
CLICK HERE to see his previous exhibition which i was used as a model.

what's news? On monday i'm gonna St. Petersburg for 3 days after that i'm gonna pass on to Moscow for 3 days to see my lovely Russian friend Elena and enjoy Russia !

Stay With Love ; Nazlı

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  1. You are so stunning!

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  2. deri mont vazgeçilmezim :)
    sana da çok yakışıyor ...

  3. I like what you post. If you have some time come and check out mine.


  4. thanks joy to the world :)

    nakedqueen çok teşekkürleeer :)

    clara, thanks i will check it out :)